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NigPlc investment hoax
05 juni 2003
Onderwerp: hello my friend(your response)

Hello my friend
I must introduce my self,I am Mr Olu-Segun fredrick Managing Director of Standard Trust Bank NigPlc. Four years ago a banker of ours died
mysteriously and he was irish by nationality.

He left in his account a huge sum of money in foreign currency ($10.5million united state dollars). Since our bankers' death none of his relatives or next of kin have shown up to collect his money. We the bank authorities have sent several messages to the irish authorities and embassy and none of them have been able to come up with any positive results.

Recently I decided to source for a reliable foreigner who would stand as our bankers next of kin. If you are intrested in taking this opportunity to make it big then reply this mail.

I assure you that this transaction is
risk free after and you have the right to choose the percentage-sharing rate after the money has been transferred to your account. I also require
your tell/fax no if you have any. 20% of the funds will be used to settle all transfer penses after a successfull transaction Waiting to hear from you as soon as you receive this mail. \

Despite the fact that it is risk free you are to keep all proceedings stritcly confidential. I have reasoned that if we fail to collect this money the Nigerian government will confisticate it and someone else will end up looting it.

Mr Olu-Segun Fredrick(HNR)


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