America Online FlashNews Hoax

Dear AOL Community Member:

AOL is experiencing major problems, due to a virus that was recently loaded onto our main user database, containing most of our member registration information. We are currently experiencing widespread system failure. The problem originated when our system was illegally breached by a former AOL employee. We believe the employee, who is currently being questioned by authorities, loaded a virus into our database. Because we identified the problem quickly, we were able to stop the problem before the entire database was deleted. The files that were deleted, however, happened to be the database link files that link a user’s password and screen name to the rest of their account. We are currently working with McAfee Associates (Anti-Virus), to replace the lost files. Some of the effects as a result of not having the database link files include: random log-off’s, AOLnet runs slower, and Email may accidentally be deleted. These problems are MAJOR inconveniences to our users, so we need your help to fix the problem. In order to fix this problem, we need you, the America Online User to click on `Reply’ and enter in your log-on password in order to have these problems fixed. Thank you for your consideration and continue to enjoy America Online!

If you have any questions, please discuss them with your contact at AOL.

Thank you.

Steve Case