Dubai investment hoax

Dear Brother

Thanks for your email response.
I managed to come out to check with the doctors computer to see if you have responded to my mail.
The money belongs to me so i dont think there is any risk in what we are doing.

Let me start by telling you how I get to know about you. I got your contact from a friend of mine who works at the Dubai Internet Research Department in my quest for a reliable person to handle this for me.

I want to assure you that what I am saying is the
utmost truth and nothing but the truth. If not for the fact that I am ill right now, I would have loved to give you some numbers but nevertheless, I will send to you the Agreement I entered into with the Freight Company that helped in moving the consignment through Diplomatica means to Amsterdam and also a copy of the
Way bill given to me.

If you are really willing to assist me in the
disbursement of this funds that is contained in the consignment I would like you to send to me the
following information:

1. Your full name and Address
2. Your telephone, cell and fax numbers
3. Any valid Identity.

Your Valid Identity will enable me send your
information to the Security Company for Identification and will also help me in preparing the Power of Attorney which I will give to you for the claim.

As soon as I get this information from you, I will
forward it to the security company as the beneficiary
of the consignment and give you the Power of Attorney
and a Sworn affidavit stating clearly that you are to claim the consignment on my behalf then you can go ahead and call them to inform them of the change.
After which you will be dealing with them while I go to rest.

ALso, I want you to know something, I am trusting you to do this because I believe that GOD has directed me to a trust worthy person, hence if you choose to rip the poor of their favour, there is a great purnishment on you if you do . This is my only advise for you.

Please email me back as I will want to finalise this as soon as possible.

May the peace of the lord be with you.