Frogs and Fishes hoax

If you’ve had forwarded Frog blender and Fish bowl to you, PLEASE get rid of them ASAP. Seems there is a terrible virus attached to them set to go on MAY 28th. If you do not delete them, your hard drive will get wiped out. Please delete these two immediately and run your virus protection.

Please be advised:
That I have been informed that the joke regarding the frog being splattered in a blender and the similar fish joke both contain viruses set to execute on the 28th of May and if you still have them on your hard drive to delete them a.s.a.p.

The programs were called blender.exe and fish.exe. PLEASE make sure everyone has deleted it and run their virus check program.

This virus is the worst one yet – it wipes your harddrive completely. Remember to check your temp. files as well to make they are not lurking there, and also to make sure that you empty out your Recycle / Delete bins.


Please forward this to anyone you may have sent this e-mail to!!!