Hairy Palms Virus Hoax

Judging from the site this program came from, it looks to me like the author is a HACKER. And installing this so called "adult animation demo" program for your pilot pretty much proves it.This program will kill your hotsync. Then when you press reset, your PALMPILOT title screen will flash on and off in a loop. Meaning you’re pilot’s RAM is fried, and you need to do a hard reset, loosing everything.Luckily because of the products i produce for the pilot, i’m used to this happening. So i can reload and recover with 0 dataloss in under 10 minutes. But others may not be as prepared as i am. so DO NOT load this in your pilot.I actually tried to hotsync this program in a 2nd time just to confirm, and yes it killed my pilot a 2nd time. DO NOTDOWNLOAD AND LOAD HAIRY PALMS into your pilot. It’s a ‘crash pilot virus’.