Investment prince charles of Angola hoax

Onderwerp: Good evening

Attn Sir,

I know this letter will come to you as a surprise, but consider it as a letter for plea with goodwill for a mutual assistance.

I decided to bestow this trust on you.
First I deem it important to introduce myself. I am PRINCE CHARLES SAVIMBI, the first son of the second wife of late DR JONAS SAVIMBI the rebel leader of the ANGOLAN UNITA REBEL FORCE. who was assassinated on friday 22nd February 2002 by Angolan Government army .

If you do watch CNN, you will realize this is on the news. Unfortunately for me, my mother is the second wife of my late father DR JONAS SAVIMBI
and as such we were not all treated fairly in the family, not withstanding my father’s political ideology, which I prayed him to change
before his apparent death. All my father’s assets and properties were dominated by his first wife and her son who was hoping to succeeds my late

father as the next president of Angola if he was able to surpasses the incumbent president Jose Eduardo dos Santos. In spite of their dominance,
I still maintained close contact with my late father which eventually just paid off.

Following the news of his death and the confirmation on our national radio, the entire family was in disarray. Fortunately for me, on the day of the incident, I was in my Father’s private house in Luena, Moxico province.

Firstly, I wept over his death and then I thought of my future, it was then I started searching for important documents and valuables, because
I know very well that my father used to exchange diamond for arms from foreign companies. Then,I ran into one of these important documents.

As God has planned for me, it happened that my
father deposited a diplomatic box in my name with a private security firm in Benin. I could notbeieve this when I picked up the documents
referred to here as the ‘DEED OF LODGE’ My father secured (TWENTY MILLION

SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS{US$20.7M}, which was acquired from the sale of diamond. On discovering this documents, I immediately packed my few belongings and made my way to Zimbabwe with it, from there I came to Benin Republic where am presently residing as were this money is deposited.
Meanwhile the rest of my family were still busy mourning the death of my father,nobody knew my
where about or why I fled the country.

Right now, I want you to assist me to recieve this money when delivered, where I will invest it in any lucrative business as you may advise me.
I would have transfer it through bank but due to my position in this country I cannot defend the money. So, I decided to ship it to you a trust-worthy one whoi can help me invest it.

For your assistance I will offer you some percentage from the total sum, that should late, we discuss it, but the most important thing is your fully committiment and assisting.

Should this letter receive your honor, please do not hesitate to contact me on: 00229089407, and most important you should keep everything top secret until the money leaves Benin.

I wait anxiously to hear from you.

Best regards,

Prince Charles