LOC Hoax

Dear registered user,

There is a new malicious virus on the loose wich will search your harddisk for PWL and registry files and send those back to an unknown internet address as soon as your computer goes online again or it will start up your internet connection by itself.

In addition to the PWL and registry files it will also send out other security sensitive information like your IP address and machine name.

Along with this a signaling tool will remain present on your system!

Looking through your PWL and registry files will enable the receiver online access to your system as soon as you get back online. The anonymous receiver will then have full access to all your programs and data on your harddisk and will even be able to delete files from it!

Other things that can be done with your PWL and registry data is sending fake messages using your address or access password protected sites.

Computer specialists at McAfee say this is a totally new aproach on the regular type of virus, which will normally "just" destroy your data and disable your system. "With this human factor in mind the possibilities are virtually endless!"

Finding the hidden program on your computer is very hard on systems running Window NT/2000 and almost impossible on systems running other version of Windows. Because of the LOC(FF) based coding routines
many variant all already spreading around Asia and the South of Europe.

For more information, please visit http://vil.nai.com/vil/dispVirus.asp or the McAfee virus definition library at http://www.mcafee.com. Learn how to remove the routines, once you are infected, at the McAfee
online virus removal tutorials. An update will also be available soon. Secure your system (in case of infection) by removing your PWL files and change ALL passwords that are sensitive to online usage.