Nigeria investment hoax

Onderwerp: Can you assist us???

Dear Hamad,

My name is Prince Sanusi Musa, I am a middle aged man of 41 years of age, Civil Servant, married with three kids from a Royal family in Warri Kingdom (an oil rich community) in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Without doubt, I know this proposal will come as a surprise to you becausewe have neither met physically nor through correspondence before but it is my belief that you can be of help to my present situation.

My father was the traditional ruler (Royal Head) of my community and we produces over 9 percent of the total crude oil production in Nigeria and
0.5% of Dollar value of each barrel of oil extracted from my community is been paid as royalty by the federal government to my community.

Before my father’s death he was the chairman of our community’s special oil trust funds, in his position as the royal head and chairman of oil trust funds, he made some money which was somehow in contention then. As a result he deposited the fund with a security finance company on Open Beneficiary Mandate Status (OBMS), pending when he would finalize arrangement to transfer it through a foreign investor. Because therewas strict laws to check capital flight then coupled
with military dictatorship and political upheavals which at that time had brought about instability and uncertainty in the country.

Before he finally gave up the ghost, he called my attention to the deposit and charged me to look for a foreigner who could assist me in transferring / investing these funds abroad. In his words, he said he was concerned that
the man working with him on this deposit could capitalize on his death to claim and transfer these money because of the Open Beneficiary Mandate Status, since I did not not even know about the money or the man working with him on the deposit, he then handed me all the
vital original documents needed to claim the funds and assured me that no one else had this documents.

He also warned me about some problems which on going to encounter as his only heir, which by tradition means the heir to the throne as well. He
prepared my mind on the likely tussle and scramble for the throne by members of our large extended family and adviced that I handed this inheritance carefully. True to his words, I have actually had experiences that are life hreatening I would indeed be very grateful if you could accept to assist me achieve this great objective, I promise to reward you with a good percentage
of the entire funds when successfully transferred into your account.

Contact me urgently for more information and the roles you will play in this
business, on fax number 234 1 7597198.

All the legal documents concerning this money will be sent to you as soon as
we agree to work together. Note that there is no risk involved in this

Hoping to hear from you
Yours sincerely,
Prince Sanusi Musa