Overseas funds with percentage hoax

Dear Guardian,

Im sure you must be suprised receiveing this in your mail box, Please never mind, Im just trying to do the Little i can before my time is up, I am in a very critical condition now, Healthwise and Emotionally. I had your Email address all the while, but i did not know where to Start my explanation or where to End it, Which added to the delay in trying to reach you. I have a
problem which i beleive you can solve/help.

I am presently in the Indian Ocean region with my 3 kids and my Brother-Inlaw Fredrick. We wish to relocate to your Country to start a Newlife. There is not much to Live for out here since we lost my Husband. He was Founder of The National Independence for the Total Independence of
Angola, Jonas Savimbi.

I am the only hope for my kids now that their Father is dead. In Hard Times like this, i plead my hearts to bed, To pray that the hard times will flow away, It’s not easy to go through hard times, My heart can’t take it, When the doctor walks in and says I have bad news. My heart trembles as he tells me That he’s gone to a better place. I couldnt help it as tears come down my trembling face.

I admit there is a cycle. The cycle of life goes on and on Never will life stop to admit that there is no cycle, I can’t say the times I had with my husband were horrible because they were the best times ever. My heart is filled with sorrow, The future we planned for our kids is shattered, and i have to move on because that’s the only way i can make him proud, as he watches over us from the sky. He did us a great Favour, He gave me access to his personal savings, most were from Savings of the Organization and Diamond
Royalties and Companies that mined precious stones in the areas he controlled in Angola.

After so much to think about, i made up my mind that we could make it great in life if we could invest this Funds wisely, in a country were the
Development is Fine. Which has brought us together to seek your Help in this regards. While we were making arrangements to contact you couple of weeks ago, we found out that we were not the Only people who knew about my Husbands worth, we have received all sorts of treats from people who i eleive had a part to play in the Death of my Husband, Wanting to capture us and also have the money, summing up to about Seventy Five Million US

I regreted not contacting you earlier, because we would have found a way out by now, The Banking System in Angola has not joined the International
Banking System, where we can Tranfer this Funds to our desired destination accounts oveseas. So we we decided to arrange the Funds in 4 trunks boxes and brought it along with us to Mauritius. The boxes of money as been lodged, as photo material and artifacts on behalf of a foreigner with a security company here in Mauritius for safekeeping. Now need your assistance
and cooperation in getting the funds overseas from Mauritius.

I am willing to give you give you a certain percentage of this fund. I will be happy if you could serve as our guardian. We live like refugees here in Maritius, because its not our Final destination and home, we pray we can
work this out a quick as possible, so we can eventually have peace. Only God know if the same people who were behind my Husbands death might still be on our Tail.

Please its no longer safe here anymore for me, i don’t even know what the future holds for my kids, they have stopped school for 5 months now. -I wish to assure you of a good business relationship and all logistic is in place
for success at the end of this. Please try to forward me a phone number i can reach you so i can give you more details on the exact role which is required of you for the successfully conclusion of this transaction’s I look
forward to your earliest response,

Please I need your help and I believe with your help my life and that of my
family will be safe.

Peace, Reconciliation and Progress