Perrin.exe hoax

Importance: High Virus with no cure.

Please, send this information to every person in your address book.

If you receive an e-mail that reads "Upgrade Internet" do not open it, as it contains an executable file named "perrin.exe" it will erase all the data in your hard drive and it will stay in your memory.

Every time that you upload any data, that data will be automatically erased and you will not be able to use your computer again. This information was published yesterday in the CNN web site. This is a very dangerous virus.

To this date. There is not known anti virus program for this particular virus please, forward this information to your friends, so that they will be on the alert, also check the list below, sent by IBM with the names of some e-mails that, if received. SHOULD NOT BE OPENED and must be deleted immediately. Because they contain attached viruses. This way your computer will be safe.

The Titles are:
1) buddylst.exe
2) calcul8r.exe
3) deathpr.exe
4) einstein.exe
5) happ.exe
6) girls.exe
7) happy99.exe
8) japanese.exe
9) keypress.exe
10) kitty.exe
11) monday.exe
12) teletubb..exe
13) The Phantom Menace
14) prettypark.exe
16) perrin.exe
17) I love You
18) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
19) CELCOM Screen Saver or CELSAVER.EX
20) Win a Holiday (e-mail)

<B>Ik heb de instructie in dit hoax-bericht opgevolgd en heb het Windows-bestand verwijderd, wat nu?</B>
<A HREF="">klik hier </A> voor een instructie.