Tax-return hoax (belastingaangifte hoax)


Nobody still knows if it’s true, but it’s worthwhile to protect yourself.

Don’t send your tax return by the Internet (for the time being).

A new virus has been unleashed through the Internet to capture your tax return. The author created this virus to intercept all files using the extensions generated by the Federal Revenue program. If there is a rebate, the virus changes the current account indicated by the victim, changing it to the author’s account. After that the changed file goes to the Federal Revenue Database. The victim receives the usual return- receipt, because the tax return doesn’t fail to be delivered. There is a small increase in time of shipping, necessary because of the changed account information, which is not apparent to the person waiting for the tax return, therefore the recipient of the rebate assumes that it is due to a high volume of traffic or problems with the telephone line, etc. …all problems that we are accustomed to, being on the Internet. The new virus still informs its author about the rebates that he managed to capture, including the values that he’ll pocket.

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