W32.Torch hoax

NEW VIRUS DESTROYS HARDWARE A new virus found recently is capable of burning the CPU of some computers and even causing damage to the motherboard. Yes, it’s true, this virus damages the hardware of your computer. The virus, called w32.torch, uses the winbond w83781d chip, present in most modern motherboards, which is responsible for controlling the speed of the cpu and system fans. The infection takes place using the well-known Microsoft DCOM net-trap Vulnerability, and when installed, the virus spreads to other computers in the local network using this method. Reverse-engineering the virus code, we find no evidence of code other than that responsible for the CPU burnout. The virus turns off the high temperature detection in the BIOS (already disabled by default) and then slowly decreases the speed of the fans, leading the system to a deadly increase of the internal temperature. If You feel that your computer is becoming "quiet", it’s better to check it out because it may be stopping, and you may have only a few minutes left to disconnect it. The virus contains the text "Moscow Dominates – out/27/03" which is shown in the tray of some machines based on their IP address, perhaps indicating Soviet origin. There is no payload set to activate on this date, but it may be an indication that something is supposed to happen on this day. Some antiviruses already detect it, check if yours is up to date.