Win a Holiday Email Hoax

Subject: Virus nnounced by Microsoft This is VERY SERIOUS!!

Please forward to everyone you know There is a virus out flow being sent to people via E-mail lt.
Is considered the A.l.D.S. VIRUS of computers.
It will destroy your memory, sound card and speakers, your drive and it will infect your mouse or pointing device as well as your keyboards, making it so that you can’t type
and it will not register on the screen.

It seIf-terminates only after it eats 5MB of hard drive space and will delete all programs. It will come via an E-mail called "(OPEN. VERY COOL!:)"
DELETE IT immediately’!

It will basically render your computer useless.
Pass this on QUICKLY AND TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. Very Urgent, Must Read Please
If you receive an E-mail Titled "Win A Holiday" DO NOT open it. It will erase everything on your hard drive. Forward this letter out to as many
people as you can. This is a new, very malicious virus and not many people know about it.

This information was announced yesterday morning from Microsoft

Neil Ferrick

Compaq Computer Corporation